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Benefits of working with Michael Page

Fast placement

Reduced time to hire with our targeted approach.

Perfect fit for your business

Candidates fully vetted against all requirements.

Reach the very best people

Forward-thinking attraction methods cover the market.

Our process


Share your requirements for the role – what’s important, what’s not and a job description if you’ve got one


Using our industry-leading database, proven networking capability and targeted advertising solutions we track down the best possible matches for your business. 


What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate to the right fit for your company. We screen against all of your requirements so that only the most appropriate candidates are suggested for interview.


You’ll see a list of the best available potential new employees, with a full explanation as to why they could be your next team member. 

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Companies we work with

Why Michael Page

Thousands of the world’s top companies have partnered with us to grow their businesses by hiring the best people. We’ve been around for forty years so we have a proven track record of delivery for organisations of all types.

As part of a network that spans six continents you’ve got the expertise and resources of an international recruitment business at your disposal. You’ve also got the specialist knowledge of a team of local consultants who know your market inside out.

Want to see for yourself how we can make a difference to your hiring process? Get in touch for your free consultation now. 

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What our clients say

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